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Programme Outcomes of Industrial Electronics.

(What he/she will continue to do at the entry point of industry soon after graduation)

A diploma Industrial Electronics student is able to –

  1. Apply knowledge of basic sciences, mathematics & basic engineering to solve the broad-based electronics engineering related problems. (Basic Knowledge)
  2. Use logical step by step methods to troubleshoot various electronics engineering related problems. (Discipline Knowledge)
  3. Perform experiments to validate the theoretical knowledge and use the results to solve broad-based electronics engineering problems. (Experiments & Practice)
  4. Apply the relevant technologies and modern Hardware/Software tools necessary for electronics engineering field. ( Modern engineering tools usage)
  5. Assess societal, health, safety, legal & cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to practice in the field of electronics engineering. (The Engineer and Society)
  6. Evolve strategies to address problems arising in electronics engineering field considering their environmental effects & sustainability issues. (Environment & Sustainability)
  7. Inculcate professional & ethical responsibilities in the field of electronics engineering. (Ethics)
  8. Function effectively as an individual and as a team member or team leader in multidisciplinary environment. (Individual & Team work)
  9. Communicate effectively in oral & written form by using modern communication tools. (Communication)
  10. Engage in independent & life-long learning activities in the context of technological changes in the field of electronics engineering & allied industry. (Life-long learning)


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