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Programme Educational Objectives of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

(What he/she will continue to do even after 3-5 years of working in the industry)

PEO-1: (Preparation- Employment & Higher studies) : To provide disciplined educational environment and prepare the students to be eligible for pursuing higher studies & self-employment in the field of electronics.

PEO-2: (Core Competency-Discipline knowledge): The students from E & TC engineering program will have a comprehensive knowledge of electronic devices & circuits and other basic engineering sciences to develop an ability to apply this knowledge for problem solving.

PEO-3: (Breadth- T-shaped engineers): To prepare the students to acquire multidisciplinary skills for solving real life problems and carry out multidisciplinary project work.

PEO-4: (Professionalism): To develop leadership ability & incorporate professional practice among students by motivating them to participate in social activities to make them competent for solving social problems following ethics throughout their lives.

PEO-5: (Life-long learning): To inculcate  the thirst in them  for life-long learning  by exposing the students in the domain of life skills, professional practices & behavioral science.


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